Intra Astra [2019]


Stars seem to constantly ‘twinkle’ or ‘flicker’, however most stars shine with a constant light. The light emitted by a star is affected by the movement and density of the air in space known as atmospheric turbulence. This turbulence causes the star light to bend and refract as it travels through the earth’s atmosphere, giving us the perception that the star is ‘twinkling’. Looking up at the stars on a clear night sky is one of the most beautiful sights in existence, creating a single moment of time stopping fascination. The feeling of being a child again, your imagination runs wild as you wonder what it would be like to be in space experiencing the stars up close in a rocket ship navigating an undiscovered landscape.


‘Intra Astra’ explores the translation of a constellation from the outer galaxy into a gallery space using traditional craft techniques and the elegance of Swarovski’s cut crystals. It exists as a kinetic sculpture made to explore the principles of equilibrium. As a mobile, the piece naturally moves ever so slightly, replicating the motion of the atmospheric turbulence that allows a star to twinkle. When the viewer initially sees the installation it will not appear like a constellation, in fact this was a conscious design decision. The viewer will not be able to enjoy the constellation as it would be seen in real life from earth, until they lie on their back under the installation and experience it as if they were star gazing and the constellation completes itself.