Future Factory [2019]


Nanotechnology is already here. But how does this affect our daily life? How will this change our relationship with food and packaging? Come and visit the Global Nanolamination Centre Ltd for a taste of an alternative future. 


Material Futures were approached by the Design Museum, London to create a series of performative installations to featured as part of their ‘Future Factory Symposium’. These performances and workshops were initiated to allow visitors to gain insight into emerging technologies that will shape the future of production and reimagine the concept of a ‘factory’. 


The Nano Lamination Factory challenges current unsustainable forms of food packaging and poses a future scenario in which these can be replaced by natural and edible nano materials. The apple is a fruit that naturally develops a waxy coating around its exterior as a means of self defence. However, within the current model of apple harvesting, this natural wax layer is removed and replaced with a petroleum based coating. The apple is then wrapped in plastic packaging to add an extra layer of protection. 


We have proposed a future where we could replace both the artificial wax coating and the plastic packaging with a 100% natural nano cellulose coating that could perform the wax coatings job of preserving the fruit but also the plastic packagings function of protecting it, however without the need for a petroleum based material. 



Molly Bonnell

Elissa Brunato

Carolina Perez

Madelyn Santa

Nat Spencer